One of the core functionalities of the App Store is the ability for users to review your apps. For developers is this functionality a great way to receive feedback on their apps.

Most of the users only write a review when your app is not working as expected. Reading reviews may not encourage you to continue developing because it can contain stories that you as a developer should be fired. But if you listen to your users by solving those issues for them, users will come back and update their review with positive feedback!

Monitoring reviews

There are multiple ways to monitor App Store reviews. Apple recommends you to monitor the reviews in App Store Connect, but you need to log in with the Apple ID to view the reviews.

I wrote a small macOS app named Store Reviews, which is available in the Mac App Store. The app allows you to monitor the 50 most recent store reviews that have been made for your app. Simply add the app ID and you’re ready to monitor the reviews. A big benefit of the macOS app is that you don’t need to log in with your App Store Connect account.

Store Reviews in a macOS app.

Don’t take the reviews personally, but use it as feedback to improve your apps. For example, if you have an entertainment app and you see a lot of users complain about Chromecast issues, you can focus on that point to make your users happy!

Each country has its own App Store. So if your app is available in multiple stores, don’t forget to monitor those locations too.

Reply to App Store reviews

Using App Store Connect is it possible to reply to reviews that are written in the App Store. Replying to reviews show that you are listening to user feedback.

For example, if a user complains about a Chromecast issue and you fixed this issue, you can reply that this issue is solved and ask the user to try again.

Replying to App Store reviews is easy and is a great way to improve your NPS score. Open App Store Connect, select the app and go to the ‘Activity’ tab. In the left menu, you’re able to view the app ratings and reviews. Each review contains a ‘Reply’ button.

Reply to a review in the App Store.


App reviews can be very helpful when solving issues that users encounter. When monitoring your app reviews, you know better what’s happening with your app. The macOS app Store Reviews can help with that.

Replying to reviews can be useful for users to feel being heard and makes it possible to get confirmation if you solved a bug for them!

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